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Why Sell On EclipseExpress.Com

Get an army of affiliates selling your product and getting you massive website traffic. You've got great products, at great prices. We have aces to a large market of potential buyers. In this business these 2 alone are not enough you have to get that high quality, fairly priced products before the right type of buyers. This is where EclipseExpress.com comes in with our technolog platform those segments and targets just the right buyers. You will immediately associate your brand with increased exposure, trust and convenience in one turn-key package.All you need is to have a business seller’s permit of your own and a PayPal account.

Access a new sales channel
Reach hundreds of millions of customers
Build on our brand

Register in less than 15 minutes


Turn your passion into profit. Never commission fees on sold out listings

What else do sellers in EclipseExpress's marketplace need to know?

  • Orders placed on EclipseExpress must be fulfilled in stock while they are listed.
  • Orders placed on EclipseExpress must be fulfilled within 7 days and tracking numbers are required the day of or next day after shipping.
  • Payment for completed orders that fit that criteria will be transferred automatically to your bank with in 30 days after the delivery is confirmed with satisfaction.
  • You don't pay us anything until you make a sale. We charge a 15% commission on fulfilled orders and commission is taken out of the order subtotal.
  • Your store's email address, location and policies for shipping, returns and exchanges must be visible on your store view and product pages and is subject to periodic auditing to ensure compliance with the service values of EclipseExpress.coms.

A powerful Array of New Advertising Opportunities

Our Advertising program provides a wide exposure to e-commerce audience. This will help you to connect with our huge user base through our various Advertising models. This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable.

A powerful Array of New Advertising Opportunities

  • Expand your reach with our registered users transacting in a secured platform.
  • improve your campaigns with banners on our homepage.
  • Better engagement with your users.
  • wider reach and increased visits on your listed products .
  • Easy to add & captivating graphics .